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rules and conduct


If we must die,let us die like men.- Patrick R. Cleburne




well generals as this is directed to new generals here some helpfull tips to help get yall started
1. you will need the game patch to start playing on-line at WON. it can be downloaded at allot of places but here are a few you want the 1.04 patch. or the sierra site i said at the begining the gents in WON. treat each other with HONOR and RESPECT as always there are a few bad apples but for the most part if you come to WON. with a gentlemans attitude they will treat you with the same courtesy.

3. there are some great generals in there some have been at it for years and are very tuff. you can ask most any of them to help you get started in your new expeirience at WON. and they will be more than happy to show you the ropes. just listen to what they have to say and remember the only dumb question is the one NOT asked. you will see things done with a army the AI on your puter never dreamed of so be patient ask questions and watch and learn and stick with it, you can only get better.

4. you will get snot bubbles coming from your noze after playing some of the gents so dont be let down or get depresed after a good pounding. one thing you never do is BAIL that is leave in the middle of a game just because you are getting the crap beat out of you. word gets around and it will be hard for you to get a game in the future if you are labeled someone who bails so NEVER DO IT!! you chose to come to WON. and better your self at this game so take your lumps like a man.

5. GAME SETTINGS are set to the highest level of play weather you are a novice or a guru they are
full vissibility un checked
line of sight checked
line of fire checked
and advance play
everone plays with these settings so please dont ask to change

6. ROUT RULES are rules pertaining to treatment of routed units eveyone more or less has a version of the rule so you need to talk it over before you begin the battle. i play never hit a routed unit unless you make it surrender with 1 hit that means it is completly surrounded and 1 hit will remove them from the battle other then that i do not hit routed units. also this is a good rule to follow because the game does act weird sometimes and it will create ghost units then your really screwed sometimes you can fix them and sometimes not.ghost units are dicussed farther down. just about all the gents respect some form of a rout rule because we feel racking up points by just hitting routed units is not very gentleman like or competitive so we just dont do it.

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