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Welcome gents to my site.I am hopeing this turns into a place where new and old players alike can come to get information,scenarios,and some great links to other civil war sites. As i am very new at this web site stuff please any help or tips you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


I have created this site in hopes that it will be used to direct new players or (newbies) as they are refferd to at WON to come here and learn some helpfull hint's and tip's to use while playing on-line. First what is WON. WON is the WORLD OPPONENT NETWORK. A place where some damn fine generals and a few shmucks like me go to play CIVIL WAR GENERALS2 the best turn based civil war game on the market to date. WARNING DANGER DANGER !!! if you do not have a stable marriage please exit this site NOW! and never return to WON or this site again as CWG2 is the #1 cause of divorce in the country. It is very addictive worse than drugs,you will loose everything you own leaVE NOW BEFORE IT'S TO LATE GOD PLEASE HAVE MERCY LEAVE !!LEAVE!! oh sorry got carried away there LOL. Anyway as i was saying this is the best civil war game out there and being the civil war was the last gentlemen's war all the players at WON treat one another with HONOR and RESPECT this is very importent to new players. Please do not come to the room thinking you are (marse roberts} ROBERT.E LEE you are not,most of the gents at WON have been at it for a long time (years) and they are not the AI on your computer, they have seen the ELEPHANT! up close and you will be moping up blood in your living room for a week after playing some of the generals. so please do not come in first thing with the i am bad bad leroy brown attitude as you know what happend to him.

To be a rebel to men is to be right with GOD! THOMAS JEFFERSON


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